A very special day with flowers, honey & honeybee

A special day with a bouquet of flowers, charming, attractive to each buds.Bees are roaming to get honey from each different flowers. Looking as a race among bees, who will collect tasty sweety honey.I keenly observe their language, they are so happy to do their duty and dedicated and helping others. Each one informs their friend to share honey from flowers.Natural honey, yep, on the way of Rhythm.
Sunmark honey.


Treating Cancer, Skin Care

Treating Cancer

It helps in reducing the chances of cancer by eliminating free radicals. Some people have even reported to have treated breast & colon cancers by using honey & cinnamon. It contains antioxidant, decrease the activity of cell-damaging free radicals linked with many chronic diseases.

Skin Care

Both honey and milk possess antimicrobial and cleansing properties. Numerous cleansers are prepared using milk and honey, because the mixture gives the skin a healthy glow.

Rhythm Honey

About Rhythm Honey

Our mission is to provide Quality and Excellence to our customers promptly and exclusively. Our products will achieve total customer satisfaction by supplying the highest quality honey and services in appropriate time.
Located in the historic city Trivandrum, Rhythm Honey is one of the foremost homely honey available in the country. We do Processing and Marketing of natural honey collected from the hilly areas. It is under Gandhigrama Khadi and Industrial Development Unit, a Government of Kerala initiative, which helps to produce honey in a decent manner and this honey is certified by Kerala State Government and Tested in reputed Government Labs.
Rhythm Honey appeals to people of all ages and its a 100% Khadi product. Rhythm is an Agmark Honey and customers are absolutely passionate about its quality of products and the hygiene during packing & manufacturing. All the products are made in the original, traditional way using modern norms of hygiene.
Under the leadership of Mr.Nadeshan, having completed 40 years expereince in honey Production and 15 year experience in processing and marketing, promoted by Mr.Vivek.N(Senthil Murugan). Rhythm honey is a family-owned product, with its unparalleled commitment towards quality has adopted technologies and standards with the changing times for every service.