Charming yellowish dancers

Natural Honey
Pure Honey

Attractive yellowish flowers dancing with the cool breeze getting from the lake. 


Rhythm honey, an Quick reliever for diarrhoea and gastro problems

A sudden stopper for dysentry, the rhythm honey collecting by the honey bees pure and natural product. When you suffer from diarrhoea, drink a glass of water with rhythm honey for instant relief.

You start a day with a glass of warm water and add rhythm honey to lower the risk of diarrohea and gastro problems.The antibacterial properties of rhythm honey helps in quick recovery from diarrhoea caused due to bacterial infection. 

Onam – Remembrance of a great king

Onam, great festival of Kerala and now celebrating in each corner of place where a keralite living. Yep, around the world. The historic myth of onam festival is the rememberance of a great king Mahabali, he was wise and generous king. In his tenure, his prajas used to not tell any lies, or steal others thing. The above is malayalm lines of Onam.

maveli naadu vaaneedum kaalam

Manushar Ellarum onnupole,

Kallavumilla chathiyumilla

Yellola mills positive vacahanam

Onam celebration starts from the star atham and flower rangoli (athapookalam) . On the tenth day thiruvonam, big feast, Onam games, oonjalattam all be there. From Children to old people all are celebrating Onam.

One speciality is making athapookalam, different color of flowers, during Onam season flowers and plants, honey bees are very happy. Each buds are glad to welcome the king mahabali, honey bees are so busy with collecting honey from variety of flowers.

Onam a festival of happiness, flowers, equivalence from poor to rich and togetherness.


Rhythm Honey as Pain Reliever?


Here explaining how Rhythm honey as a pain reliever. The mixed indication shows that pain reliever as a pain remover.  Rhythm honey cure any sore, burn or ache immediately when it applied on to injured body parts. Gently paste rhythm honey to the wound after clean the affected area by the water. It will prevent infection and heal the infected part. Keep the area clean and should not use any plasters or dressings to the area if it sticks to the skin. Honey acts as a preventive barrier, as a bandage is utilised, which prevents scab formation which delays healing time. Rhythm Honey is the best to use for the treatment of burns, sores, ache.


What is Raw Honey ?

Raw Honey is totally unheated, unpasteurised, unprocessed honey. Honey that directly collects from the beehive and is a superfood collected by the honeybees. Its obtained by collecting, extracting,straining.
Raw Honey helps
Healthy Weight management
Improves immunity
Blood sugar management
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