Its a big honey bee – awesome snap shot by a friend.

Honey bee is collecting honey drops from one flower to another flower. Its an amazing creature by God, humans should observe  them, their curiosity, their anxiety these all we can feel. Like these each drop of honey is storing by them, and it nutures as Rhythm Honey as well as Sunmark Honey.


This purple colored flower from a hillstation caught my sight, I feel you too.

So happy to share the view from a hillstation, the plants with flowers, buds, different types of leaves. And honey bees around the flowers to gather honey from these flowers. Yes they are hard workers. Humans extract pure honey and natural honey from nature’s beauty.

I am sure, the hilly purpled flower caught your sight.

Rhythm honey, an Quick reliever for diarrhoea and gastro problems

A sudden stopper for dysentry, the rhythm honey collecting by the honey bees pure and natural product. When you suffer from diarrhoea, drink a glass of water with rhythm honey for instant relief.

You start a day with a glass of warm water and add rhythm honey to lower the risk of diarrohea and gastro problems.The antibacterial properties of rhythm honey helps in quick recovery from diarrhoea caused due to bacterial infection.