Yellowish field 

A group of yellow flowers shows as they are a gang, in among them no other colored flower, yellows want the most freedom in that area and not allowing any other colored flowers.

Honey bees too busy

Honey bee continue its work without minding us. To take this photograph we bend the branch of plant and honeybee is still  busy in collecting nectar.

Honey bee collecting honey

  Good morning,  have a nice Sunday.  Sunday holiday for us,  just have a look on the picture, honey bees are engaged in their duty,  getting honey drop from each flowers.  Really an awesome  sight.

Rhythm honey, an Quick reliever for diarrhoea and gastro problems

  A sudden stopper for dysentry, the rhythm honey collecting by the honey bees pure and natural product. When you suffer from diarrhoea, drink a glass of water with rhythm honey for instant relief. You start a day with a glass of warm water and add rhythm honey to lower the risk of diarrohea and…