How Rhythm honey makes face shine with sugar?

Rhythm Honey is a natural humectant, keeps the moisture in the skin and  helps to give a shining look on the face. People with dry skin may stretchy and parched.  It can be healed with using honey. For oily skin Rhythm honey be as an bacteria eliminator which will retain the skin acne free and shining. Scrubs are good to make the smootheness and glow on the face. When you scrub on the face, uppermost dead skin goes away and your skin gets smoother. When the skin gets smoother it glow naturally. To make Rhythm honey scrub, Mix honey with sugar in equal amounts.  Then apply to the face and massage it gently and scrub gently. Thus increase the blood flow and skin looks shining.


Rhythm Honey as Pain Reliever?


Here explaining how Rhythm honey as a pain reliever. The mixed indication shows that pain reliever as a pain remover.  Rhythm honey cure any sore, burn or ache immediately when it applied on to injured body parts. Gently paste rhythm honey to the wound after clean the affected area by the water. It will prevent infection and heal the infected part. Keep the area clean and should not use any plasters or dressings to the area if it sticks to the skin. Honey acts as a preventive barrier, as a bandage is utilised, which prevents scab formation which delays healing time. Rhythm Honey is the best to use for the treatment of burns, sores, ache.

A sunny day- not interested in anything

Ya, today its a sunny day,from morning totally out of mood. Looking to clouds, they are also not in a good mood. I felt they thinking do they want to smile or cry. They same filled in my mind.  Actually what he does, he needs , ,that not happened, every morning he satisfied with a good morning wishes  and whatever he loves that all, but today I think he cannot satisfy own mind. A gloomy more energetic only felt a loneliness, sadness. Some people blame me that I couldn’t accept them, how can I if I don’t believe . I cannot cheat my conscience. 

My pet dog “Tommy”

I got him(Tommy) from the famous and historic place of Palani in Tamil nadu. Palani great divine place of Lord murugan, devotees called as Palaniyappa. Several times I visited this divine place from my childhood. Last year I with family went there, while returning I got a cute puppy, named as Tommy. Very lovable dog. All loved it too much. It always play with me. Even it teared my new pair of shoes, laptop charger, headset, bags, etc.


What is Raw Honey ?

Raw Honey is totally unheated, unpasteurised, unprocessed honey. Honey that directly collects from the beehive and is a superfood collected by the honeybees. Its obtained by collecting, extracting,straining.
Raw Honey helps
Healthy Weight management
Improves immunity
Blood sugar management
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How honey as an antibacterial & antimicrobial ?

Antibacterial property of honey heals the wound and  provide a protective barrier to prevent infection on wounds due to its great viscosity.

It provides antimicrobial activity due to the enzymatic production of hydrogen peroxide.

Thus honey makes an inhospitable environment for the microbes such as bacteria.

Apply honey directly to the wounds, burns, ache.

Treating Cancer, Skin Care

Treating Cancer

It helps in reducing the chances of cancer by eliminating free radicals. Some people have even reported to have treated breast & colon cancers by using honey & cinnamon. It contains antioxidant, decrease the activity of cell-damaging free radicals linked with many chronic diseases.

Skin Care

Both honey and milk possess antimicrobial and cleansing properties. Numerous cleansers are prepared using milk and honey, because the mixture gives the skin a healthy glow.